Our complete networking and CRM portal is a cost effective and simple to use Real Estate Management System

Take your business to the next level

Our international property portal and CRM partner system allows your team to do business anywhere in the world, all you require is internet access! Your account is totally private and fully secure, giving you 24/7 access to all your clients’ profile and history details. The whole team can share information, collaborate effectively and look more professional with both the vendor and the buyer.

Manage user rights with our different role options

Users can have personalised accounts, allowing access to specific areas of your database (properties and clients), and clients can be assigned to a specific member of your team. As an admin user, you can keep up to date on all your team’s activities including client feedback. Role options can be changed at any time from the admin panel.

Make sure your team provides a first class customer service

Customers want to feel special: With access to their history and property requirements, you and your team can make the client feel special every time you speak with them. This makes speaking to the client so simple and you don’t have to rely on memory, random notes or searching past emails, it’s a quick and easy process.

Your client’s details are all stored in the same place, easy to access and search through. You can specify who owns a property and who is looking to purchase a new property and send them a list of properties corresponding to their needs, whilst logging every interaction you or your team have with the client.

Improve the management of your property listings

New properties are really simple to load and input into the system. You can either do it manually or add up to 3 XML feeds if your properties are already listed somewhere else.
You and your team can easily search through properties with a wide range of criteria, and create a personal wish-list to send directly to your clients via email. The whole team can then keep track of every client and every property you have either shown or sent to clients via their account, instead of searching through your email boxes or calendars.

Easy to print sales/window Sheets

You have the ability to generate clean and professional sales/window sheets within seconds, with your company details and fully branded, in two different formats, A4 and A3.

Discover exciting new market and profit opportunities with our resort worldwide property partners portal

The system gives you and your team the ability to show your clients additional high quality properties throughout the world – as well as list all your properties, opening yourself up to buyers globally.

To make it easier you can generate professional sales brochures and window sheets for any of the properties listed on our system, with your company details and full branding. Imagine a number of international properties within your displays with beautiful swimming pools and incredible sea views.

Sell your clients their dream home and earn commissions of up to 6%

Generate more sales leads thanks to our worldwide portal

You have the option to market your properties on our Resort Worldwide Properties.com portal. Any leads that are generated are passed directly to you for your team to follow up and complete the sale. The perfect way to widen your market and increase your sales and best of all it’s a free service, we don’t take any commission.

The lead management dashboard

To easily keep track of all your leads from our portal as they are all stored on your account and you can update their status in just one click.

Support and Advice from our team of experts

When you partner with us we offer you full system training and help you set up your account and show you how to use the system, ensuring that your company maximises sales and profit potential.

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